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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Did you know......

Great Impressions has more than just stamps in their line of products!!  Great impressions has their own line of glitter!  Sparkling Ice is a dry fine glitter and comes in a 1 oz jar. It is used on almost all of our art boards.  We also have some chunky glitter as well as Jazzy sparkles Crystal and Gold glitters. 

We have cloud stencils.  This has been around for a long time.  So long, in fact, some people forget that we have them.  They crop up on our boards occasionally but they are always available. 

We have started something new and it is taking off... for each stamp of the month, we put together a ribbon package (18" of each ribbon used on the board).  Some months we do run out of packages but we still have some packages available from previous stamp of the months. 

We also carry lines from other companies.....

We have the complete line of Inspirations paints.  If you want to add some color and sparkle to your creations, Inspirations is the way to go!  This paint has 55 colors that are vibrant and versatile.  Inspirations has so many different ways to be used, it is a must have for everyone!!  You can watercolor with them, stamp with them or turn them into your favorite spritz.  That is just to name a few!

Do you like to add pearls to your projects?   We are a distributor for Viva Decor and have the complete line of Pearl Pens!  This is a brand new product for us and it is so much fun to play with. 

Keep your eyes open, these products are regularly on our boards for the Stamp of the Month Program.  Any of the stores that carry our stamps can order them.  Some items like prior embellishments, card stocks, and ribbons related to a particular Stamp of the Month program, we still have too.  If your store takes special orders they can still order them or some of the online stores keep everything in stock too.  To find a store near you click here.

In the future we will start putting up some tutorials using our stamps and some of the products we carry so keep checking back!

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