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Friday, January 27, 2012

Fabulous Fridays~I'm so Sorry

I am sooo sorry but my title represents the image that I am using today.....where is my image you ask???? very nice "expensive" camera is having some technical difficulties when I was trying to take my picture yesterday so I am having my DH look at it today and I'm praying it's just ME and not the camera. So....I do have a backup camera that I keep in my purse...well...I must have kept it on and it's dead....soooo dead that the lens is actually out in like "take picture mode" ugh...and I can't find the charger since I don't really use that one much. Soooooo today I am volunteering in my son's room and thank goodness his teacher and I are friends and she is going to let me take my pictures with her camera at school I will be back later this afternoon with my full post! I don't know why I don't work further in advance...this wouldn't be an issue if I did!!! Anyway...heading out the door to school be back later!

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