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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Sunday's Fun-Day's!!

I thought since Sundays are open days for us right now I'd fill them in a little bit with whatever pops up!

I'm really excited to see we have 99 followers that's awesome!!! Thanks to those of you that are following us and joining us each day for a look at the DT's work.
Today I wanted to share with you the SOTM (Stamp of the Month) program. I know you have seen on the sidebar a photo of some projects made with the SOTM and wanted to explain it a bit.
(Lace Background)
These stamps when they first come out are ONLY available to local craft stores. So right now....this stamp^^ is only available in stores until February and then it becomes open stock. I think this is really a great program because I am all about supporting our local small businesses and this is a perfect way to do so. Along with the SOTM there are other stamps that are new as well, stamps that go along with the you can see on the project board
To see close ups of these cards you can go HERE
(there is a high heel that I MUST HAVE!!!)

Here are the other stamps that are new that coordinate nicely with the fabulous lace background....perfect for Valentines Day cards!

For a list of stores that might be near you go HERE AND....there are a handful of online stores that carry the SOTM as well...these are online websites for the local store for those of us that don't have a store close by...we can shop the web!

1 comment :

Jenny said...

I've got the Lace Background stamp - can't wait to get it inky!


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